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InsertSnippet for Xinha

Insert HTML fragments in your document.


In order to use your own snippets you have to al least one parameter to your xinha_config:

xinha_config.InsertSnippet.snippets = _editor_url+"plugins/InsertSnippet/snippets.php";

The path above indicates the use of the provided backend. This parses a file that contains the snippets and should have the following format:

<!--Snippet ID-->
Snippet content
<!--/Snippet ID-->
...and so on

You can use the snippets.html in the plugin folder or tell the backend where to find the file like this

with (xinha_config.InsertSnippet)

	// define backend configuration for the plugin
	$backend_data['snippets_file'] = '/file/containing/snippets.html';
	require_once '../contrib/php-xinha.php';

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